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Keep it Simple

I had a new vision of what I wanted my website to look like and feel like so I just decided to make a new one.

I'm a photographer but I like to write. People pay me to take their photos but people also ask me to write more. I'm conflicted because the last thing we need in this life is another blog. Or a photographer for that matter, but I digress.

I'm right brain-left brain conflicted.

I'm extrovert-introvert conflicted.

I'm coffee-beer conflicted but never baseball conflicted.

Unless the Yankees are involved then to hell with the Yankees.

I love the Orioles so that should comfort anyone I just offended.

After the past three years of massive changes and shifting and driving forward at what occasionally has been a dizzying pace, I came back to a place of peace. I felt suddenly present. I suddenly wanted to be surrounded by black and white photographs and that was it. And I unapologetically feel that this is what I want to share here. Fortunately, I feel comfortable enough with my little collection of images to do just that. Yes, I do shoot in color. Most of the time, in fact. But again, I'm conflicted. So here I am. Here we are. New website. New blog. Writing and shooting.

My promise to you is this: I will not be technically boring, arrogant or impressed. I am a homebody with a full-time job and a part-time job, a daughter and then I take pictures. A lot of them: portraits, wild animals, concerts, events, rodeos, black & white scenics, families and absolutely no order. I will never get all faux-artsy and drone on about symbolism and meaning because that's not my style and most of the time I find that narration to be nauseating bull. These are just my photos. They are exactly what I see as a finished product before I've even lifted up my camera. They are not here to teach you anything, change your mind about anything nor make you feel like your world is any more or any less interesting or blissful than mine. Nothing less. Nothing more. People seem to like them and we'll keep it at that. Deal? Deal.


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