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Pearl Street Bagels Show
145 West Pearl Avenue, Jackson Wyoming
August 15th 2021 - September 14th 2021

Just in time for the Fall Arts Festival, I will have my black and white scenic work up at our local bagel & art stop, Pearl Street Bagels beginning August 15th!  This is my 2nd show at PSB and I'm very excited!

There is a combo of framed prints and metal prints up for you to enjoy! 


This online show store was crafted with JH travelers in mind.

Many big metal images won't carry on well.

Order a print, it will drop ship to you and might even beat you home from vacation! 

Drop ship gifts! 


The QR code up at Pearl Street Bagels will get you here to this shop where you can choose your favorites!  Of course, you can buy the specific, signed show print and pick up in September.

2021 has been an excellent year of big changes!  Thank you for your support as I'm now a full time, self-employed photographer! 

Thank you for visiting our little big town Lisa 

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