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Roosevelt Fire Fundraiser

I'm raising money for the Roosevelt Fire recovery efforts in Wyoming and you can help by buying this 11x14 ready-to-hang canvas print of Bondurant.  

 $99.00 (free shipping).

11X14 IMG_BONDO SKIES 300dpi-.jpg
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Hoback Ranches in Bondurant Wyoming is my former home and it was devastated by the Roosevelt Fire. Burning 93 square miles, it was the worst fire disaster in Wyoming in terms of the largest loss of structures - 55 of the 150 homes were burned to the ground.

Folks there are Wyoming-tough but now face years of uncertainty. The infrastructure is at risk with the possibility of erosion and washed out roads during next spring's runoff.  There are downed trees and unstable, burned and soon-to-be-downed-trees throughout the area. Many are uninsured or underinsured. Resources are slim. Sadly, this area may not qualify for any state disaster relief.  


I want badly to help.  

I'm going to donate 100% of all funds over costs to this fund:


Looking north to the Gros Ventre range, this image gives a real feel for what big country it is.  You can begin to appreciate the hard working folks who do their best taming their little parts of it.  To learn more about the area, the impact to this unique community and to understand why they need our help please drop by my blog

This is a chance to do good and get a great photo in return!  Christmas is just around the corner and these will make great gifts - for everyone!

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